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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Lisboa Card?

The Lisboa Card is the official tourist pass of Lisbon. The card is essentially a 3-in-1 transport card, museum pass and discount card. The Lisboa Card package also includes a free map and small travel guide. In all, the card helps visitors of Lisboa save time and money during their stay in city.

What are the benefits of the Lisboa Card?

The Lisboa Card allows you to save money on transport, entrance fees, entertainment and gifts, save time and see more with countless deals and discounts.

What discounts does the Lisboa Card offer?

The Lisboa Card offers discounts on attractions & museums, visits & tours, leisure & entertainment, bars & restaurants, transport and shopping. You can view the complete list of discounts here.

Is the Lisboa Card worth it?

Whether buying the Lisboa Card is worth it depends mainly on your travel plans and need for convenience. As a rule of thumb: the Lisboa Card is a good deal if you plan on traveling by public transport and visiting various museums and attractions per day. Below are a few things to keep in mind if you´re considering buying the Lisboa Card:

The cost of the card

The only way to be sure the Lisboa Card is worth the investment is to go through your plans and work out how much it would cost on entries, tours and transport. Compare the total with the costs per day of the Lisboa Card and see if the card is a good deal. Keep in mind that the 72-Hour card offers the best value.

Freedom and flexibility

In many cases the Lisboa Card sells on convenience: it lets you do what you want, whenever you want it without having to worry about buying extra museum or transport tickets.

In all, if you´re visiting Lisboa on a shoestring budget, do the math and see if the cost vs. the savings are worth it. If you value freedom, flexibility and convenience the Lisboa Card is probably a great deal.

What does the Lisboa Card cost?

The price of the Lisboa Card depends of the number of days it´s valid. Children receive an additional discount on the purchase price.

Have a look at the price per day when comparing the different cards. For example, a 72-Hour Lisboa Card is cheaper per day then a 24-Hour card. Please refer to the pricing table to see all prices of the Lisboa Card.

Where can I pick up the Lisboa Card?

Vouchers can be exchanged for the Lisboa Card at various tourism offices in the city and at the airport. Your confirmation email includes a list of pick-up points, addresses and opening hours.